Fountains & Aeration

Southern Weed Control Management offers the sales and services of fountains and aeration systems.  In these eco friendly times, utilizing aeration is becoming a major part in many water management programs. A healthy water body attracts visitors, wildlife and provides a healthy environment for fish.  Without oxygen, even a well maintained water body can suffer from severe algae, odors, mosquito problems and be aesthetically displeasing. By increasing the oxygen level, a natural clean up process is stimulated that will keep lakes and ponds not only beautiful but healthy.

The fountains Southern Weed Control Management offer feature durable construction of corrosion resistant materials, high quality submersible pumps and are designed to weather the elements.  Many options are available including multiple spray patterns, spray heights and lighting.

Southern Weed Control Management offers another beneficial and cost-effective way of improving your water body with the installation of  bottom diffusion aeration systems.  A shoreline based air compressor pumps air to a diffuser strategically mounted on the bottom of the lake or pond.  By adding oxygen to the lake or pond bottom, this not only adds oxygen to the water but also bringing low-oxygen water up to the surface where it picks up oxygen and creates a circulation pattern in the water body. The result is healthier water body, healthier wildlife, reduced algae growth, the elimination of stagnation and fewer dissolved toxic gases.

Fountains and aeration systems that are not properly maintained will eventually become less efficient and fail.   Southern Weed Control Management can provide a customized service contract that will ensure the efficient and dependable operation of the fountain or aeration system.  For more information please contact us at (954) 427-9477 or email us at