Southern Weed Control Management


Voice: (954) 427-9477 Fax: (954)427-0911


To provide the following professional services for:Plant Control:

  • Aquatic Plant Management and Control
  • Wetland & Upland Planting and Maintenance
  • Consultation on lake design and planning
  • Rights of Way Spraying

Lake/Pond Aesthetics and Health:

  • Aeration Systems for a healthy lake
  • Fountain Installation & Repair for aesthetic enhancement
  • Water Analysis
  • Fish Stocking for Recreation and Fishing
  • Fish Barrier Construction & Installation
  • Triploid Grass Carp stocking for weed control (Biological Control)

Pest Control:

  • Mosquito and Midge (Blind Mosquito) Prevention

SOUTHERN WEED CONTROL MANAGEMENT, INC. takes great pride in the employees we send to the customer job site to represent our company. All of our technicians are certified degreed biologists and have over 50 years of direct experience in aquatic management.

As one of the original aquatic management companies in Florida, SWCM has grown to be an established firm, having been in business since 1982. We are a family owned and operated business. We utilize only EPA labeled products. Our technicians have restricted use pesticide licenses required by the state and continuously updated our techniques and knowledge through certified classes and meetings. Some of the documented training includes OSHA level V advanced chemical spill response training and U. S. Coast Guard boating safety courses. Safety “training includes first aid, material handling, and equipment training for the safety of our workers and the safety of our customers.

We are proud of what we do and will stand behind our work 100%.